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When it comes to health and wellness, talk is extremely cheap. Everyone seems like an expert in this day and age where a simple Google search can put a wealth of information at a person’s fingertips. Only problem is there’s a lot of bogus information out there. People are lazy, it turns out, and sometimes not willing to perform due diligence in delivering only the facts.

This is the First Step Towards a Better Life

But you’re not lazy, which is why you’re here. Congratulate yourself on taking the first step towards a new, more fulfilled you. This site is meant to be an exchange of ideas and quality information regarding health and wellness.

CrossFit is More Than a Craze

Are you a seasoned CrossFit vet or are you considering starting CrossFit up for the first time? Some may pass CrossFit off as the latest fitness craze, but it’s continued prevalence and relevance means CrossFit is here to stay. Not only that, it’s a great foundation for living a life of health and wellness.

Unlock your full potential at the Ryan Shephard DO website. Through focusing on your fitness and wellness goals, you’ll provide yourself with a new foundation in life that will permeate into all other areas of your life.

Why Does Ryan Shephard DO Focus on CrossFit?

CrossFit sets itself apart as a more high-intensity workout which is constantly varied. It’s a functional movement exercise program that works on quick, slow, and medium twitch muscles and has seen a huge growth in popularity due to the fact that it gets REAL results. CrossFit is great for athletes as well as regular folks looking to reach that new plateau.

Visit this site often for the latest CrossFit news as well as fitness and wellness content that will help supplement your new active lifestyle. Let’s quit talking and DO something. We’re here to make gains every day at Ryan Shephard DO.