In this day and age we’ve all got a lot of information at our fingertips, but that can often lead to analysis paralysis. Instead of simply getting up to go for a run, we have to look up the best running shoes and which ones are the best for our lower backs and the ones with the best arch support. Then we end up looking at gear and equipment for an hour and we’ve done nothing.

This indecision and inactivity needs to stop. At Ryan Shephard DO we compel our readership to take action. When you send the body to fulfill a task, the mind will always follow. How many of us are in our heads all day every day? There is a certain amount of time each day that we need to be in our bodies. CrossFit is an excellent way to accomplish this necessity, though it is certainly not the sole means of getting a great workout.

Ryan Shephard DO blends physiology with CrossFit and additional health and wellness practices, giving this site distinct insights and offerings when it comes to health, wellness, and productive training. Our goal is to always deliver top notch content to those who wish to get after the proverbial “IT” and enjoy a higher quality of life.

As a kid, Ryan Shephard experienced injuries that kept him out of the games he loves, which inspired him to help others stay in the game by adopting positive, active lifestyles — which also act as preventive medicine that will help you avoid painful and costly injuries down the road.

Ryan Shephard DO exists for the sole purpose of getting people out of their comfort zones, because that’s where all of the growth happens. Instead of lamenting over which program you should get into, just get into something! This website is a great place to get started, as well as supplement your active lifestyle with articles and information that will help unlock the optimum version of you.