Ryan Shephard DO 3 Ways to Stay Active at the Office


Ryan Shephard DO on 3 Ways to Stay Active at Work and at the Office


Ryan Shephard DO helps people who are living or would like to live more active lifestyles by providing content that is geared towards health and wellness, giving our readership tools to achieve balance in a modern world that gets complicated to say the least.

Below we discuss a few ways you can stay active while at work. This can mean the office, whether that’s at home or for a company, or working in any other space that you spend long periods of time — generally 40 hours a week or more, for many of us.

Join the Office Softball or Kickball Team

Some companies participate in softball leagues and kickball tournaments, and, in such cases, put your name in the hat — because it will get you outdoors, involved with your cohort in an entirely new way, and keep you physically active.

Incorporate a Minor Fitness Routine

This might mean a push up or burpee break in between meetings, or maybe incorporating some yoga stretches into your routine at the office. Try to break up the long spurts of sitting at a desk and staring at a computer. If you work a job where you spend long periods of time on your feet, definitely incorporate stretch routine into the middle of your day, and stay hydrated, because it helps out your joints.

Walk, Walk, Walk

If you can incorporate 10,000 steps into your day, you’ll be more active than nearly 95% of the population. Download an app on your phone and see how many steps you can do on a day on average. Take a few more trips to the water cooler, park on the far side of the parking lot, and volunteer yourself to get supplies or go on office runs — you’ll be healthier for it, not to mention the fact that everyone is going to LOVE you!

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