Ryan Shephard DO on Taking Your Fitness Routine Outside

Ryan Shephard DO on Taking Your Fitness Routine Outside

Ryan Shephard DO Brings Your Workout Outside

Have you gotten tired of the same old stuffy, crowded gym? You’re not alone. Millions of active folks are starting to end their gym memberships in lieu of getting their fitness done outdoors.

Below are a few ways that people are accomplishing their fitness goals in a less conventional way.

Recreational Outdoor Sports

People are getting more involved in recreational sports, which is why you see kickball and dodgeball teams and clubs sprouting up all over the place. Opt for these activities over indoor soccer if you’d like to incorporate some fresh air into your fitness routine. There are also CrossFit groups and running groups who meet together weekly to help push each other to reach their fitness goals, all while staying outside, all without the monthly membership fees at the gym (though CrossFit will generally come with a monthly fee).

Hiking and Trail Running

As many of our jobs keep us in cubicles and offices for over 40 hours a week, it’s only natural that people want to get back in touch with nature. Hiking and trail running are both great ways to get in fantastic shape while getting fresh air and becoming more one with nature at the same time.


If you live by a lake or large body of water, paddleboarding is a fantastic way to engage your core. More and more people are experiencing the benefits of paddleboarding while enjoying scenic views of the outdoors at the same time.


This one may seem a little less obvious, but gardening is a great way to push yourself — you’re often lifting and engaging your core. Just make sure you stop to stretch, because being hunched over for long periods of time puts strain on your spine and your joints.

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